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Protiga is the most effective way of selling your products online. We makes your life easier by handling all the logistics of your products, think of us as a merge between tech & logistics company. We’re strategize on how to increase your product visibility in the marketplace while ensuring a efficient supply chain management to provide consistency for customers.


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Our Story

We are a retailer specialized in Amazon Marketplace Strategy and Optimization. We have survive this e-commerce ecosystem for 7 years and we are proud to say that we have mastered the way of Amazon, We’ve spent year engaging with Amazon A9 search algorithm, advertising platforms, CRO, and more to help you drive more sales. We have a team of capable personality that will enhances your marketplace presence through Amazon Search Optimization of written content, visual content and user generated content such as product reviews.

What We Offer

We buy it, We keep it

We buy your products and pay upfront. No returns, consignment, or buybacks and we manage any returns for you

Online Retail Strategy

We'll provide a dependable forecasts to keep your product in stock, but not overstocked, which allows for seamless transactions with our partners and customers.


Our Pay-Per-Click advertising will drive traffic to your product listings everywhere online we carry your products


Traffic from PPC and the increase conversions from our strategy campaigns will boost your SEO on Google and Amazon

We Grow Sales

Social Proof

Let us boost your products sales by creating social proof with our product feedback system Across multiple selling platforms a higher number of positive reviews means increased sales. We employ an email system that encourages customers to leave product reviews

Enhance Content

Optimization is everything in the ecommerce world...and we have you covered We can optimize your listing across multiple platforms with our in-house staff capable of professional product photography, photo editing and our years of experience for writing copy that converts

Brand Control

Tired of unauthorized sellers and MAP breakers carrying your product? Not only do we strictly adhere to all MAP pricing agreements, we work with you and teach you our proprietary methods for eliminating offenders from your listings on marketlaces like Amazon

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